The PA sector in modern society is characterized by the need to support extremely complex processes in order to provide services to citizens and companies. Processes typically include several alternative paths, many of which are seldom activated. Complexity is raised by the fact that the provisioning of services is in most cases a collaborative activity shared among different, possibly many, PA offices. The introduction of new laws/regulations or the frequent modifications to existing ones further result in the intertwined modification, creation, deletion of supporting services and processes. Finally provided PA services are in general quite interrelated, so that activities carried out to deliver a service can generally lead to the enactment of other processes not originally considered.

Because of the above features, public administrators are never done with learning how to carry out their tasks. To support them in learning, managing and mastering the complexity of PA processes, Learn PAd takes inspiration and has the ambition to coalesce into a holistic solution several converging powerful ideas.