Learn PAd in Life 

Learn PAd considers learning and working strongly intertwined (learning while doing). The Learn PAd platform covers two application scenarios.

European Project Budget Reporting

refers to the activities that a public research body has to put in place in order to manage the administrative procedures related to the participation to a European Research Project. It regards the definition of models and documentation for a business process that does not cross the border of a single organization.

Sportello Unico Attività Produttive

refers to the activities that the Italian Public Administrations have to put in place in order to permit to entrepreneurs to set up a new company. It refers to a more complex inter-organizational BP scenario involving many PAs.

Learn PAd – Future Learning Environment

In modern society Public Administrations are undergoing a transformation of their perceived role from controllers to proactive service providers. Moreover, the PAs are under pressure to constantly improve their service quality while coping with quickly changing contexts and decreasing budgets. The Learn PAd project supports process-driven collaborative knowledge sharing and process improvement on a user-friendly basis of wiki pages together with guidance based on formalized models.

The platform supports both an informative learning approach based on enriched Business Process models and a procedural learning approach based on simulation and monitoring (learning by doing).

Learn PAd is inspired by open-source community’s principles and cooperation spirit: the community produces contents, and meritocracy is naturally promoted, with leaders emerging because of their skill and expertise.

Dynamic Collaboration and Learning Environment

Learn PAd is an innovative holistic e-learning platform for Public Administrations that enables process-driven learning and fosters cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Experienced Model-Based Social Learning Environment

Learn PAd platform provides an individual learning environment for everybody, who is interested in Public Administration processes. Provided with convenient methods and tools, process managers can describe the business processes of Public Administration in a comprehensive way. The generated wiki pages, enriched with additional documentation for a clearer understanding of the process, provide a valuable source of information for the civil servants.

Architecture of Learn PAd

Learn PAd wiki pages are the result of integration between modeling tools and the Learn PAd platform. This integration automatically reflects the structure of the specified Business Processes and offers runtime capabilities for questionnaire based assessments, collaboration, and learning.

Learn PAd middleware provides mechanisms for business process formal verification, simulation, and ranking of its content.

Technologies & Tools

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